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Email Marketing

Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Stuart, Florida

ABJ Services is pleased to offer Email Marketing to our Clients  

Emails are very valuable for communicating to customers on a regular basis.  We work with our clients to help build and organize their database and to use the power of customer relationships to drive more business to your website and or location.


Email Marketing Set-Up $250 (Mailchimp)
Email Marketing 3 Month Program 10,000 Emails $1250 ($250 Set-Up Fee)
Email Marketing 10,000 Name, Address, Email List Purchase $1500
Email Marketing Bulk Management 10,000+ Emails (Quote)

Email Marketing Set Up

Using your existing email marketing list we set up a MailChimp email marketing account for our clients.  Mailchimp offers a great way to communicate with customers on a regular basis.  We include three custom email templates with your logo, image and contact information.

Email Marketing Set Up Fee $250


Email Marketing 3 Month Program

Need a boost for your business?  Let ABJ Services set up an Email Marketing Program targeted at area residents that are interested in your service.  No matter what business niche, we have an email list that will work for your business.

Email Marketing Set Up Fee $250

Email Marketing 3 Month Program Send 10,000 Emails $1250  

For success, we encourage our clients to offer a very special incentive to attract new customers.


Email Marketing List Purchase

Looking to grow your local business.  We offer access to our large database of name, address, email contacts to our clients.

Our email lists are targeted to your specific business niche and local market.

Email Lists 10,000 Contacts $1500

Email List Send $500


Email Marketing & Bulk Management

ABJ Services offers marketing & management of your bulk email program.  You must be a Marketing Package Client or Online Review Management Client to participate.  Additional service fees may apply.

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