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Are you confused about how to rank your business on the 1st page of Google for organic search? Organic means, non paid spots in the search rankings. Depending on the key word you want to rank for, we can do very well for many clients.  However, for some key words, especially key words that are very competitive, we have to tell our clients, that ranking is not possible.

But there is hope!

There are many factors, but the bottom line is Google’s algorithm which is constantly changing has one thing in mind, it wants to show the best content for a particular search by a consumer.  Key words, content, traffic, backlinks, domain authority, citations and other factors go into this decision on behalf of Google.   So if you are hoping to rank for a key word that is being targeted by major companies and directory businesses with millions of views and traffic, the odds of beating them for placement is almost impossible.

So what’s the point?

Research, at the base of every successful SEO program are the key words.  Fortunately there are many key words for your business that have traffic or key words that people are searching for that are not being targeted by competition, our goal is to find these key words and build your content around these key words so Google will move your business up in its rankings.

It’s that simple.

However, the problem is that is not instant, it can take a few weeks or a few months to rank depending on the key word and or area.  Bigger cities with more population are much tougher to rank for than smaller towns or communities.

For this reason, we tend to focus more on GMB!

GMB stands for the Google My Business listing on the Google Search Page commonly referred to as the Google 3 Pack.

Having your business in the Google 3 Pack is the best way to get your business more phone calls and leads right away.  The reason is that the Google 3 Pack is location based and very specific in the way it displays your business.  Google wants to display the best business with the best content, the best reviews, the best solution for a consumer with the closest location.  GMB works a lot like SEO, but it has some of its own set of rules.  Many local businesses don’t realize how important GMB can be to their business.  Some don’t even use GMB, leaving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the table every month.

Bottom line, we would recommend having a good website design with really good key word research for your services and area.  Then we would focus hard on GMB.  If we get a business start up, we can do a lot better because we can put some key words in the business name which is very helpful to GMB.

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