Keyword Pages – Very Important for SEO on a Website

by ABJ Services Website Design & Digital Marketing in Stuart Florida

Keyword pages on a website are very important to SEO. However, they are often overlooked when creating a website by many website designers. Many people believe that simply listing the keywords used in creating a website is enough. They do not understand that while a keyword is important, it is not as important as other keyword pages on a website.

These other keyword pages are the product pages, home pages, contact pages, about pages, site pages, and many more pages which are listed in a search engine that are very important. It is very important to create search-engine-friendly pages and keyword pages that can be understood by the user. It is very important to avoid mistakes such as:

  • Listing useless keywords which are too broad
  • Creating keyword pages with too much duplicate text
  • Creating a page that is not search engine friendly

Search engines do not read just keywords but the content of a page. Therefore, this page should have a keyword text with less than 50 words. Also, create a page that is relevant to what the company does. Make a list of what the page focuses on and make it keyword-friendly.

For example, if a website is about toys, list the most popular toys instead of the basic toys.

Avoid just focusing on the most popular and obvious keywords: Popular keywords are ones that have high competition, therefore, they are hard to get for ranking results, focus on other less popular but still relevant keywords to create more traffic to your website.

These are just some of the things that you need to be aware of to create a good website. But, once you have decided on what you need to do, use a company like ABJ Services that is ready to assist you in creating a website.

There are many companies that offer website building services, there are also many companies that provide search engine optimization services, ABJ Services in Stuart Florida does both and much, much more.

Arlen Bento Jr. ABJ Services Website Design & Digital Marketing in Stuart Florida

Arlen Bento Jr. ABJ Services Website Design & Digital Marketing in Stuart Florida