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The average price for a 20-page WordPress website is around $4000 near Stuart Florida

by ABJ Services Website Design & Digital Marketing


Does this seem high?  Not really when you consider how many hours it goes into to building a professional website.

The average WordPress website is customized for your business. It has been carefully thought about, edited, formatted, and designed to make sure it will be exactly what you want. The coding and programming have been done in such a way that you will have the best possible website on the web.

What can we do to make it cheaper?

As a business owner, you get what you pay for. When it comes to WordPress, that’s what we do. We know what we do. But we also accept submissions. If you have a better idea of how to make a website or a better way to organize your content, then contact us. You’ll need to send us a few examples of your websites.

How many designers are there for WordPress?

There are many designers in the world that offer their services for designing 20 pages of WordPress websites. However, most people choose to work with us, simply because we have the expertise to pull it off.

How much does it cost to redesign a 20-page website?

Once the content has been assembled, we then do a re-designing of the site, to ensure it matches your vision for the site. This re-designing can be as simple as changing a few colors or uploading some additional graphics. But, it must fit the vision you have for the site. It’s also important that the site match the competition. So, this is not something that would usually be done by yourself. Usually, the website designer will charge for this service, and if you already own a website, then you can apply the cost to your site.

Does it cost more to re-design a site than build?
As I mentioned above, most people only have themselves to blame for not knowing that re-designing a site costs more than building. Most new businesses don’t realize that they must purchase a domain, and this costs money. Only a few local designers keep their prices low and do most of their business on the internet. And as I said before, few designers work on 20-page sites. But if you want a site with around 20 pages, then you will probably have to pay a designer.

So, when looking for a designer, do keep these tips in mind:

1. Check out the domain of the company. Check out any website designer’s portfolio and see how much they charge for designing. It’s probably more expensive to re-design a site than build.

2. Check out their prices for designing and for building.

3. Can they do custom designs? (I.e. changing the content on your site to your specifications, your logo, your colors, your pictures, your layouts, your graphics, your links, and your information.) Are they able to do this?

4. How long will it take them to design your site?

5. Can they do the complete design of your site in a short period of time? If they can’t, then it may be better to have the costs of designing the site included in your deal.

6. Do they offer to host? (I.e. Domain registration, Email accounts, Web hosting, SEO, Email delivery, Adsense, AdSense service, Search Engine submission, Banner ads, Banner ads, Banner Builder.) Do they offer a Hosting package that will meet your needs?

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